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Keeping It Cool For You

Whether you're a restaurant manager that needs a refrigerated truck delivery service in Muscat, a business owner that needs a courier truck in Muscat to deliver heavy or bulky items or a homeowner that requires moving services, get in touch with Rapide logistics today.

Our fleet includes box trucks, refrigerated trucks, tractor trailers and other motor delivery services that assure your large, heavy or bulky item can get where it needs to go faster and more efficiently because of local know-how means we understand Muscat delivery better than any other refrigerated trucking companies. That's why Rapide Logistics has been providing a wide range of delivery services for both local and national companies, plus homeowners who want prompt and reliable deliveries of groceries, newspapers, packages and more. Whether you need supply chain expertise to lower your overhead costs and improve the quality of service, you offer your customers, or you just want your groceries delivered on time, we offer refrigerated truck delivery in Muscat to help you. Contact us today to learn more.

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We Keep Your Perishables Cool

We offer refrigerated truck delivery throughout Muscat for everything from dairy products and produce to biological tissue. If you need to transport a perishable item, whether it's to a hospital, a grocery store or a residential address, Rapide Logistics can help. Our refrigerated trucks keep your valuable merchandise at a properly regulated temperature while en-route to destinations in Muscat, the tri-state area and beyond. We regularly complete up to 750 deliveries a day, whether it's transporting a shipment from the airport to your warehouse, delivering groceries to a luxury condominium or moving your merchandise to an office building uptown.

Refrigerated Warehousing Services Available

When setting up for a trade show, making sure the materials you need are in good working order is crucial to running a successful trade show event. Through our custom packing and crating, we make sure to get you your trade show displays, products and other material from your manufacturer to the trade show on time for display and sales in perfectly safe condition.

At Rapide Logistics, we understand that businesses need secure climate-controlled warehousing. Inventory management that cuts down on overhead costs is also a must-have. And when delivery from your storage facility to your plant or customer must be accomplished expertly and on time, Rapide Logistics has the facilities and personnel your business needs to get the job done right.

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White glove delivery for a special event? Reliable courier service provider? Same-day package delivery in Muscat? We've got you covered.

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