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White Glove Pick-Up & Delivery Services

White Glove Pick-Up & Delivery Services From Rapide Logistics

Customers of Rapide Logistics have come to expect a little more. We don't simply provide event and trade show logistics like other logistics companies. We offer personalized attention to detail to ensure we've taken care of every logistical detail and that your show or event goes off without a hitch.

From the moment you contact us to the moment we've finished clearing your show, space or event, we're here for you. You're not just a number when you partner with Rapide Logistics for our white glove services. You'll get to know our team members by name and come to put your confidence in our special events shipping, logistics, and lighting and courier services.

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Involved At Every Step

While some white glove and trade show logistics companies will handle a portion of your trade show, here at Rapide Logistics, we're fully committed and invested at every step. We take care of all logistical steps with the white glove storage and service Omani customers expect for their important events, including:

  • Crating and packing fragile and high-value items to and from your shows and events
  • Loading and unloading decorations, furniture, wares and display goods
  • Transporting perishable and refrigerated items with care to your location (by special request)
  • Delivery and placement of audio, video and lighting machines and equipment
  • Pickups and deliveries at hotels, printers, caterers and other elite courier services
  • Overnight and over-the-weekend storing of your items in a safe facility

These are just a few of the unique services we can provide to make your special event run smoothly. Our valuable experience has taught us it's important to sweat the details, which is how we have built our reputation as a leading Muscat white glove delivery and trade show logistics company.

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White glove delivery for a special event? Reliable courier service provider? Same-day package delivery in Muscat? We've got you covered.

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